Who am I… I am a wife, a mother, a daughter,  a niece and a friend.  I love to live in the grey and the colours of the world.  If everything you see and experience is just black and white, or cut and dry you miss so much!  I believe in messes and laughing, road trips and the need to vent it out, and sometimes you need to hold hands on the couch and just binge watch something.

My kids are parts the life and death of me… my greatest joy that sometimes makes me want to bang my head against the wall. They are the only people that can scream in my face and I just want to smother in kisses while they do.  Anyone else would get (to quote my dear H) a throat punch for that.

So this is me… I write letters in my head to my husband, my kids and myself.  I write them on scraps of paper… then I went through a ton of things that made me feel alone until I realized we have all been there, but so many people don’t talk about it.

So why not write those letters to no one and everyone all at once.  Share my stories, experiences and thoughts so that maybe, just maybe I can make you giggle, make you smile and at the least let you know that aren’t alone; someone else is going through it all too.

Welcome 🙂