Farewell to Brady… a letter to my Jeep…

Dear Brady,

You represented everything I loved… you were a Jeep Patriot (my absolute favourite NFL team).  I named you Brady for my beloved TB12… You were Red… above and beyond everything else you were my first car I bought myself – shiny and new – everything I wanted… and RED.

I bought you in July 2008 and that very summer – just a couple weeks later you took Hubs and I to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  Our first trip as a married couple other than our honeymoon.

18 months later you brought our baby girl home from the hospital and our little family became 3.  That summer you took her on her first vacation – drove to North Carolina to the beach… up to Washington D.C. and the 95 North all the way to Maine and into New Brunswick.

Two years ago you brought my baby boy home from the hospital finally making us a family of 4 – then to New Brunswick that summer for his first real vacation.  But before that you brought me home – broken and sad from every miscarriage.

All in all you have taken us to North Carolina 3 times, the Canadian East Coast too many times to count.

Walt Disney World! The happiest place on Earth.  🙂

December 2012 – just before my girl turned 3, you took her through those magical gates for the first time.  the second time we went, January 2016, you drove through the Snowmageddon blizzard that crippled most of the Eastern U.S.A.  You laughed in the face of the cold and snow.  But when we stopped in Savannah for the night, you called it quits on the trip.  You decided to stay in Savannah and rest… go to the “spa” for the week so to speak… “pick me up on the way home” you told us.  And you were happy and raring to go once we did.

But you knew it then… I knew it then, sadly it was time to get ready to say farewell.  … it had been almost 8 years, and we are a road tripping family.  You were ready to slow down. You wanted to give up the long game.

So much of our life was lived in you…. you brought us so much joy… So many songs that have been sung, laughs had, games played, kisses shared, dvd’s watched, and the world seen.  So very much of our little sliver of the world that you opened up for us… showed to my babies.

You will be loved and missed, but you have so much life left in you and you will bring fun and happiness to someone else.  Our new “Julian” is shiny, fun and I know will bring us great memories; but you never forget the first.

Farewell dear friend…



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