For My Husband… thank you for loving the crazy!

Dear Hubs,

It was Bell Let’s Talk Day last week, and it made me think of you… made me think of us… made me so F***ing grateful we found each other and have held on tight for all these years.  So being the emo, sentimental schmoop I can be, I wrote this for you.

Love you always, hopefully the way I think of you can remind others of the way they love and are loved.

~ amky

What do you do when you are tired?

When you are tired of the fight?

When you are tired of being brave?

When your soul is tired;

How do you go on?

Do you see me?

Do you see all of me?

Do you see beyond the smile?

Do you see what’s in my eyes?

Do you see all that is hidden;

The weariness inside?

Can you hold me when I sleep?

Can you always cheer me on?

Can you lift me up?

Can you light the dark?

Can your soul comfort mine;

When the night is so long?


The heart that beats with mine.

The lungs giving life and air to me.

The arms that carry me, hold me, protect me.

The mouth speaking words, words I sometimes forget to say.

The eyes that see me, see all of me,

Even when I look away.

The soul that reaches out, sings, whispers

Songs and words I can’t forget;

For you, always, I am here.






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